There are many things that we want to change about us. If we want to change our hair colour we can dye our hair, if we want to change our body we make physical exercises our we follow a diet, if we want to change our face we undergo plastic surgery, and if we want to change the colour of our eyes we use coloured contact lenses. Coloured contact lenses became very popular across the globe, especially in these times when it is important the way you look and is important to always change something about your looks.

Coloured contact lenses are not only used for medical purpose; they are used to modify the way a person looks. They are called cosmetic contact lenses used for decorative purpose as well as corrective lenses. Coloured eye contacts are becoming a fashion accessory like a new bag or new shoes, and they are also representing a way to have fun.

Coloured contact lens can be used also following another criterion, contact lenses for persons with dark eyes and persons with light eyes. For dark eyes are recommended colors like blue, gray, green, and hazel and for light eyes are recommended colours like all shades of blue, green and gray.

The styles are many and they came in all different colours. There are contact lenses that imitate the eyes of cats, smiley faces, soccer, solid red, even spiral or solid white.

Like in the case of contact lenses used for medical purposes, in the case of coloured contact lenses it is also important to clean them daily, to follow exactly the rules regarding their wearing and not to borrow them to another person.

A full eye examination must still be done to see if your eyes are compatible for contact lens wear before you can wear any contact lenses.