Blue Control

Hoya BlueControl neutralises the blue light emitted by digital screens

For that extra comfort in a digital world

Hoya BlueControl is a coating that neutralizes the blue light emitted by digital screens, preventing from eye fatigue and eye strain. This keeps the eyes in better condition whilst offering more comfortable and relaxed vision and a more natural colour perception.

BlueControl and Hi-Vision LongLife

BlueControl is offered in combination with Hoya’s unsurpassed Hi-Vision LongLife anti-reflection coating. This durable coating layer is up to 7 times more scratch resistant than standard coatings and adds even more comfort to lens wearers.


  • Neutralizes blue light, preventing from eye strain and fatigue
  • Reduces glare for more comfortable and relaxed vision
  • Better contrast perception offering a more natural colour experience
  • Plus all the features of Hi-Vision LongLife!

83% of spectacle wearers experiences eye discomfort using digital devices

The target group

Hoya BlueControl is the optimal solution for the large group of consumers who come into contact with digital screens throughout the day:

  • Stay-at-home (smartphones, laptops, tablets)
  • Students (smartphones, TVs, laptops)
  • Gamers (TVs, flat screen computers)
  • Young professionals (laptops, smartphones, tablets, GPS)
  • Kids/teenagers (TVs, smartphones, tablets)
  • Office workers (flat screen computers)
  • Pensioners (TVs, flat screen computers, tablets, laptop)