Transition Lenses

Original Transition lenses are clear indoors and at night and darken outdoors to adapt to changing light conditions.

Original Transition lenses may be right for you…

  • If you spend most of the day indoors
  • If you work a lot at a computer
  • If you go in and out of sunlight a lot
  • If you are concerned with the dangers of UV rays
  • If you want a lens that darkens and lightens very quickly

Original Transition lenses:

  • Quickly darken outdoors and quickly fade back to clear indoors
  • Allow the right amount of light to reach your eyes in most lighting conditions
  • Adapt automatically to lessen eye fatigue
  • Protect your eyes outdoors from most kind s of glare and block 100% UVA and UVB
  • Provide comfort, convenience and protection indoors and out.

Available in gray and brown, single vision, multifocals and FSV with anti-reflective treatment.

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